Fans 6-Day Meet! Today Fourth Day!- Rajinikanth


Planned as a 6-day meet, Today is the fourth day of Rajinikanth meeting his fans across Tamil Nadu in
Raghavendra marriage hall, Chennai. He met his fans from Coimbatore today and shared some of his memories on the place.

“Today is the fourth day I am meeting you all, we have just 2 days left. I will be missing each one of you. Coimbatore is a very important place to me. I have many friends there and two of my spiritual gurus are from Coimbatore. Swami Satchidananda, despite of being born in a Zamindar family, chose spiritual life. Lakhs and lakhs are his disciples, it was on his wish I did Baba. And I feel very blessed because I was the last person he could see before he attained Mahasamadhi. Similarly my guru Swami Dayananda Saraswati who was also my Margadarsi has one of his  Ashrams situated in Anaikatti.

Also when I think of Coimbatore, I get reminded of an incident. After the release of Annamalai,
the film was a super duper blockbuster. That time, I had to visit Coimbatore with Sivaji Ganeshan Sir for  my friend’s wedding. On arriving to the airport, the fans knew I was there and started to shout in praise of me. Having Sivaji sir beside me, I felt uneasy to see the people cheering for me. That time Sivaji Sir laughed and said to me, “Why are you shaken? It’s your time now, work hard, I worked hard during my time and now the time is yours, work hard and enjoy the fandom” People will act nice when you are rich, but you earn respect from others only through your characterstics.

Likewise I had to visit Coimbatore very recently. I was told not to come soon because there was another actor coming and his fans were waiting in numbers outside the airport. Time is everything, When the time comes, everything will change, be it cinema or politics. Once again I request you all to be very responsible citizens,
thank you once again”

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