Hasin Jahan’s appeal to media: Please help me get Mohammed Shami arrested

Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan on Monday pleaded the media to help her in her fight for justice.

Hasin Jahan recorded her statement before a magistrate in Kolkata and addressed a press conference afterwards where she asked the media to help her in getting Shami arrested for his crimes.

“I put my reputation and respect on the line for this case. Shami and his brother misbehaved with me I even tolerated that and kept quiet to save my family. Even in today’s day and age a woman has to go through such things. And when I’ve come out to fight against all this you guys (media) are pointing fingers at me?” Hasin slammed the media.

“Why should I tolerate all this just because I am a woman? I fold my hands and I’m requesting you (media) all to support me in this fight because it is not a small fight. This fight is about a woman’s honour and respect. Shami has destroyed my honour and is destroying the honour of all these girls in question as well.

“I have come out and spoken openly about Shami’s crimes but not every girl will do this. Will you keep on turning a blind eye to all this?.

Why should a celebrity do such things? You should stop all these things from happening. You (media) need to speak up against this, what’s the point in bashing me in the media?. The truth has come out in front of you, there is a lot more to come.

“Support me in getting Shami arrested, I have tolerated a lot please understand my pain. This man has caused me a lot of pain. Had I not married Shami even I would have been rich and famous today. But I did not want all this. Had I wanted all this I wouldn’t have married him. When I got into a relationship with Shami he was nothing, he wasn’t even in the Indian team at that time. Please think about all these things and stop pointing fingers at me.

“Today Alishba claims she was just a fan of Shami on Instagram, it was also alleged that I was handling that account. She came to the media saying all this, tomorrow she will claim that she is married to Shami. Will the society no question all this?,” Jahan said as she almost broke down in front of the media.

Hasin had released recording of an alleged phone call with Shami where the mail voice (apparently Shami’s according to Hasin), is heard saying he met Alishba in Dubai to collect money sent by one Mohammad bhai.

But Alishba now claims she met Shami in Dubai but only by coincidence.

Alishba’s name first came up when Hasin made those stunning claims in the media. She had accused Shami of multiple extra marital affairs and claimed her husband had indulged in vulgar chatting with other women.

Shami, who was accused of adultery and domestic abuse by his wife earlier this month, has been slapped with an FIR for attempted murder. Kolkata Police, on Sunday, visited Amroha to question Shami.

Meanwhile, Shami is also being investigated by BCCI’s anti-corruption unit over match-fixing claims. He had met with ACSU chief Neeraj Kumar in Delhi last week.

Interestingly, the 27-year-old blamed a “third party” for the allegations of domestic violence and extra-marital affairs hurled against him by his wife Hasain Jahan.

Shami has denied all the charges and went on to add that this was not a work of Hasin and someone was involved — maybe due to greed of money.

“I still say that this is not the deed of Hasin. This is certainly a plan of a third party, maybe the happiness of my family is intolerable, maybe because of the greed of money,” Shami was quoted as saying by News18 India.

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