CIndia-China standoff LIVE: China envoy pushes Pangong claim as India says pullback not over

Pushing his country's claim to Pangong Tso where Chinese troops came in 8 km west of the point which India says marks the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Sun Weidong, Beijing's ambassador to New Delhi said "China's traditional customary boundary line is in accordance with the LAC" on the north bank of the lake. He also rejected suggestions that China has expanded its territorial claim at Pangong Tso. Weidong made these remarks ahead of the fifth round of talks between Corps Commanders of the two armies, expected to take place in the next few days.

CIndia-China standoff LIVE: China envoy pushes Pangong claim as India says pullback not over
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4:31 PM, 31 JUL Underlining that “this worries me”, Sun said, “Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Xizang affairs are totally China’s internal affairs and bear on China’s sovereignty and security. 

4:22 PM, 31 JUL He also cautioned against Indian public opinion urging the government in New Delhi to adjust its position on Taiwan, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and South China Sea. 

4:11 PM, 31 JUL The Chinese ambassador, in his speech, said, “China is not a strategic threat to India”, and cautioned against “forced de-coupling” of the relationship.

 3:50 PM, 31 JUL The Chinese reluctance to step back from Pangong Tso, where its troops continue to occupy the ridgeline at Finger 4, has stalled the disengagement process and is likely to be the focus of talks between the Corps Commanders.

 3:31 PM, 31 JUL Responding to the ambassador’s remarks, New Delhi said there has been “some progress” but the process of disengagement has not yet been completed. 

3:10 PM, 31 JUL China hopes that the Indian troops will strictly abide by the relevant bilateral agreements and protocols between the two countries and refrain from illegally crossing the LAC to the Chinese side. 

2:48 PM, 31 JUL Speaking at a webinar organised by the Institute of Chinese Studies, Sun said that on the north bank of Pangong lake, “China’s traditional customary boundary line is in accordance with the LAC. And there’s no such case as China has expanded its territorial claim."

 2:24 PM, 31 JUL The other question the former IAF chief has for the Chinese is: “Why can’t the J-20 supercruise if it is really a 5th generation fighter as its manufacturer Chengdu Aerospace Corporation calls it.”

 1:58 PM, 31 JUL Canards are fuselage-mounted small, forward wings located forward of the main wing to improve aircraft control and contribute to lift. They are considered to present large angular surfaces that tend to reflect radar signals.

 1:28 PM, 31 JUL “If the J-20, also called the Mighty Dragon, is indeed a fifth generation stealth fighter, then why does it have canards while genuine 5th generation fighters such as the US’ F 22, F 35 and Russian fifth generation Su 57 don’t,” Dhanoa asked. 

1:23 PM, 31 JUL Ex-IAF chief Dhanoa, who has described the 4.5 generation Rafale fighter jets as a “game changer for the IAF, responded to the Chinese claim with “two simple questions”. 

1:06 PM, 31 JUL The website, quoting unnamed experts claimed, that “Rafale is only a third-plus generation fighter jet, and does not stand much of a chance against a stealth, fourth generation one like the J-20”. 

12:59 PM, 31 JUL “It is only about one-fourth of a generation more advanced and does not yield a significant qualitative change,” Zhang Xuefeng, who was described by the communist party’s propaganda website as a Chinese military expert, said.

 12:49 PM, 31 JUL The claims, made by an ‘expert’ in Chinese Communist Party’s tabloid Global Times, said that the Rafale was only superior to the IAF’s Sukhoi-30 MKI jets but a generation below Chinese PLA’s J-20 fighter. 

12:39 PM, 31 JUL Former Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa on Friday dismissed claims that the Rafale fighter jets inducted by the Indian Air Force this week had no chance against China’s J-20 stealth fighter.

 12:27 PM, 31 JUL He also added that Australia had lodged a note with the UN Secretary General “refuting China’s unlawful maritime claims in South China Sea”. 

12:15 PM, 31 JUL The Australian High Commissioner to India, Barry O’Farrell, met External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Thursday and issued a statement saying that Australia remains deeply concerned about actions in South China Sea that "are destabilising and could provoke escalation". 

12:00 PM, 31 JUL International pressure continues to build on China over issues from Hong Kong, Xinjiang, South China Sea to clean technology.

 11:41 AM, 31 JUL “According to local statistics in India, in 2018-2019, 92 per cent of Indian computers, 82 per cent of TVs, 80 per cent of optical fibres, and 85 per cent of motorcycle components are imported from China,” Weidong also said.

 11:28 AM, 31 JUL “The development of economic and trade cooperation between our two countries is determined by international division of labour. It is also the natural choice of enterprises and consumers of our two countries under the market-oriented principles,” Sun Weidong, China’s ambassador to India, said. 

11:24 AM, 31 JUL China also cautioned New Delhi against any move to review India’s One China Policy and to recalibrate its approach on Taiwan, Tibet and Hong Kong. 

11:11 AM, 31 JUL The forced decoupling of the Indian and Chinese economies is against the trend and will only lead to a lose-lose outcome, China has said. 

11:01 AM, 31 JUL “Now we are preparing for the fifth round of commander level talks to study the settlement of the remaining issue. We hope India will work with China to implement our consensus and uphold peace and stability along our border areas,” he added. 

10:45 AM, 31 JUL “Now the frontline border troops have completed disengagement in most locations and the situation on the ground is easing," Wang said. At the briefing, Wang said, “We have held four rounds of commander level talks and three meetings of Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination (WMCC)." 

10:30 AM, 31 JUL During the briefing, the spokesman noted that China and India have recently conducted "intensive communication through military and diplomatic channels.”

 10:17 AM, 31 JUL The reference to Pangong Tso, a major friction point, was conspicuously absent in the question asked by a reporter from China's official media. 

10:02 AM, 31 JUL Earlier, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin had made the claim at a briefing in Beijing when he was asked whether the border troops from India and China have completed the disengagement from Galwan, Gogra and Hot Spring areas in eastern Ladakh.

 9:47 AM, 31 JUL On China’s claim that disengagement had taken place, sources said that the statement is incorrect.

 9:37 AM, 31 JUL The talks were initially planned over the weekend, but an official word on the same is still awaited. Sources said that on the disengagement, there has not been positive movement on the ground for at least 15 days now. 

8:59 AM, 31 JUL The next round of talks is expected in a couple of days, sources have told OneIndia while adding that the ground work is being laid for the same.

8:40 AM, 31 JUL The standoff at Pangong Tso and Patrolling Point 17A at Gogra will be the focus of the fifth military commander level talks between India and China.

8:31 AM, 31 JUL Speaking at a webinar organised by the Institute of Chinese Studies, Sun said that on the north bank of Pangong lake, “China’s traditional customary boundary line is in accordance with the LAC. And there’s no such case as China has expanded its territorial claim. China hopes that the Indian troops will strictly abide by the relevant bilateral agreements and protocols between the two countries and refrain from illegally crossing the LAC to the Chinese side.

 1:15 AM, 31 JUL "Our economies are highly complementary, interwoven and interdependent. Forced decoupling is against the trend and will only lead to a 'lose-lose' outcome," he added. 

 1:14 AM, 31 JUL "China advocates win-win cooperation and opposes a zero-sum game," Ambassador Sun Weidong wrote on Twitter.

  1:13 AM, 31 JUL The statement came after the Central government's recent moves to ban Chinese applications, even as the de-facto border, the Line of Actual Control, remains tense. 

  1:12 AM, 31 JUL China warned on Thursday that a "forced decoupling" of its economy with India, following a clash in eastern Ladakh's Galwan Valley last month in which 20 Indian soldiers died in the line of duty, would hurt both countries. 

  1:12 AM, 31 JUL China warned on Thursday that a "forced decoupling" of its economy with India, following a clash in eastern Ladakh's Galwan Valley last month in which 20 Indian soldiers died in the line of duty, would hurt both countries.

   6:42 PM, 30 JUL There has been some progress made towards this objective but the disengagement process has as yet not been completed. The senior commanders of the two sides will be meeting in near future to work out steps in this regard: 

   6:42 PM, 30 JUL India & China agreed that early & complete disengagement of troops along Line of Actual Control & de-escalation from border areas, & full restoration of peace & tranquillity was essential for smooth overall development of bilateral relations...: Ministry of External Affairs 

   4:31 PM, 30 JUL Since then, the Indian Army has already sent thousands of additional troops to forward locations along the border. 4:18 PM, 30 JUL Tensions escalated to another level after 20 Indian Army soldiers, including an officer, had been killed in a violent face-off in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley on June 15-16. There were casualties on the Chinese side too. However, that number is not clear.

    4:07 PM, 30 JUL After nearly three months of border tensions, both sides have said that troops are disengaging in most of the friction points. 

    3:56 PM, 30 JUL Amid delay in disengagement at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China, the Indian Army is preparing to deploy 35,000 additional soldiers in eastern Ladakh, according to a Bloomberg report. 

    3:46 PM, 30 JUL When Congress ratified the WTO Agreements, there was no digital economy. Today, it accounts for nearly USD 2 trillion of the US economy. Again, this is an area of US leadership where we need rules to make sure we get a fair shake from its trading partners, he added.

     3:35 PM, 30 JUL “When India refused to provide patent protection for American pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical products, we took them to the WTO – and won. You often hear about how important the 'global box office' is for Hollywood 

     3:22 PM, 30 JUL He's emphasised to me that other countries’ tariffs and barriers are too high. He's right,” Grassley said. Observing that when the WTO works right, Americans benefit, he said WTO rules allow the US to reap the rewards of that leadership.

      2:54 PM, 30 JUL “The WTO is now 25 years old, but we have yet to see any major outcomes liberalising trade. The President has said we need dramatic change at the WTO. 

      2:42 PM, 30 JUL In a memorandum, Trump empowered the US Trade Representative (USTR) to start taking punitive actions if any country, advanced economies, are inappropriately taking benefits of the WTO loopholes. 

      2:30 PM, 30 JUL Trump last year asked the WTO to define how it designates developing-country status, a move that was apparently aimed at singling out countries like China, Turkey and India which are getting lenient treatment under global trade rules.

       2:19 PM, 30 JUL Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, made the comments during a Congressional hearing on WTO on Wednesday. 

       1:59 PM, 30 JUL Countries like China and India have got a lot richer over the last two decades but they have refused to take on any more responsibilities, a top US Senator has claimed, as he applauded President Donald Trump for taking on this "imbalance" to make the World Trade Organization (WTO) relevant. 

       1:46 PM, 30 JUL The military commanders said that the adverse weather conditions, including up to seven feet of snow, could put the Chinese at a disadvantage because its army in Akasi Chin is largely made of conscripts, who were drafted for a three-month annual summer exercise in Tibet and Xinjiang in return for the state taking care of their future education. 

       1:38 PM, 30 JUL After the violent clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers the LAC in eastern Ladakh last month, constant efforts are being made by India and China to disengage at the border through military and diplomatic channels, unsuccessfully. 

1:22 PM, 30 JUL US President Donald Trump has alleged that India, China and Russia do not take care of their air, while America does, noting that he withdrew from the "one-sided, energy-destroying" Paris climate accord which would have made it a "non-competitive nation". 

1:10 PM, 30 JUL Sukhoi-30 advanced fighter jets and Chetak helicopters are deployed at Chabua - a key Indian Air Force base located in the state of Assam, along the eastern section of the border with China. That base has been recently renovated and modernised. 

12:37 PM, 30 JUL In 2018, India announced that it would modernise eight existing ALGs and also develop seven new ones close to the border. 

12:24 PM, 30 JUL In terms of aviation facilities, India has about 25 airfields along the LAC but its recent focus has been on expanding its network of Advanced Landing Grounds (ALGs). 

12:19 PM, 30 JUL These run along the border with China and would allow the Indian military to carry heavy armour into position. 

11:54 AM, 30 JUL Delhi has also approved nine "strategic" rail lines - including the Missamari-Tenga-Tawang and the Bilaspur-Mandi-Manali-Leh sections. 

11:46 AM, 30 JUL But progress has been slow. Only 35 roads have been finished so far - key among them are Ghatibagarh-Lipulekh in Uttarakhand state and Damping-Yangtze in Arunachal Pradesh. 

11:34 AM, 30 JUL A total of 73 strategic roads and 125 bridges have been sanctioned along different sectors on the Indian side of the LAC. 

11:23 AM, 30 JUL After years of letting its infrastructure fall into neglect, India is frantically trying to develop its borderlands to neutralise China's logistical advantage. It has begun a vast road and railway construction programme in the region. 

11:08 AM, 30 JUL Despite the recent clashes, India has signalled that it will continue improving its infrastructure. It is in the process of moving 12,000 workers from its eastern state of Jharkhand to build roads along the border in Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, all areas which border China. 

10:54 AM, 30 JUL Additional roads and bridges are now being built to link the road with inland supply bases and border outposts on the LAC, enabling Indian patrols to go further forward and shifting the tactical dynamics in the area. 

10:44 AM, 30 JUL India has long stationed men at Daulat Beg Oldi but, before the reactivation of the airstrip and the completion of the road, the men there could get supplies only through helicopter drops, and nothing could be removed, turning the airstrip into a "graveyard for equipment". 

10:31 AM, 30 JUL The all-weather road lies about 20km from the Karakoram Pass and runs parallel to the LAC in eastern Ladakh. 

10:19 AM, 30 JUL The completion of the DSDBO road, which connects the crucial Daulat Beg Oldi airstrip - put back in use in 2008 - to the regional capital Leh, has strengthened India's ability to move equipment quickly.

 10:03 AM, 30 JUL That confrontation was also over construction - this time China attempting to extend a border road near a tri-junction between India, China and Bhutan. 

9:51 AM, 30 JUL In the summer of 2017, the neighbours were brought to a stand-off at Doklam plateau, far to the east of Ladakh.

 9:29 AM, 30 JUL Both sides tend to view the other's construction efforts as calculated moves to gain tactical advantage, and tensions flare when either announces a major project.

 9:10 AM, 30 JUL India's recent building work, including the DSDBO road, appears to have infuriated China - but China has been busy building along the border for years 

8:45 AM, 30 JUL Both India and China have devoted money and manpower to building roads, rail links and airfields along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) as well as modernising their military hardware in the region.

 8:33 AM, 30 JUL They have never agreed on the exact position of their 3,500km border, and their armies - two of the world's largest - come face-to-face at many points along the rough, inhospitable terrain. 

8:23 AM, 30 JUL The June 15 clash, in Ladakh's Galwan Valley, gave rise to concerns that tensions between the two nuclear powers could boil over.

 11:15 PM, 29 JUL "Yes, our message has been registered by China," the source told Press Trust of India without elaborating. 

11:14 PM, 29 JUL They said the three service chiefs are engaged in deliberations on a regular basis to ensure a coordinated approach in dealing with the situation as well as to make China understand about India's clear message. 

11:14 PM, 29 JUL The defence sources told news agency PTI that the government adopted a multi-pronged approach involving the Army, the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Navy as well as diplomacy and economic measures to send out a firm and clear message to China that its misadventure in eastern Ladakh was not acceptable at all. 

11:14 PM, 29 JUL The Indian Navy deployed a range of its front-line warships and submarines in the IOR when the border tension escalated after the Galwan Valley clashes on June 15 in which 20 Indian army personnel were killed. 

11:14 PM, 29 JUL A source told news agency Press Trust of India that the message has been "registered" by China. 

11:13 PM, 29 JUL The Indian Navy has deployed a large number of front-line warships and submarines in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) in the wake of the standoff in eastern Ladakh to send out a clear message to China, according to top defence sources on Wednesday. 

5:45 PM, 29 JUL Union Civil Aviation Minister also welcomed the Rafale jets saying it is "major acquisition in decades".